Coming back

Coming back has been so wired. EVERYTHING has changed.

A is moving away and i won|t probably see him in a long time and i’m going to miss him so much. He is starting collage. who would have guessed that? 

B hasn’t talked to me before now and now he just called me one of his best friends… I don|t think I’m dealing with it, since I’m not really feeling anything about it… I just feel numb. I have chosen to forgive him. He seems like he has changed. He dear talking about what he really thinks and feels and that’s a wonderfull change. Much better when we can talk about stuff.

C is acting normal, being super slow answearing my phone calls and is late every time we are going to meet, but i have changed… I don’t want to put up with it or deal with it at all. She is starting to really annoy me. So what happens from here is up to her!

J are a little bit out i think, but he is still in school so it does not really matter. His new girlfriend annoyed me a bit in the start, but she I’m starting to like her. To be honest, i dislike really few people.

I have missed them all thought c: They are the once that makes my life here good. I don’t really know what i would do without them here. Love you guys <3