I know he is cheating. There is someone else out there, but I just can’t bring myself to cut him off, to ask those questions or just simply walk away. I can’t! I still love him with his hands around my neck. All I want to do is break free and not have to deal with all of this anymore. 

And the biggest question of them all; why did he want me back as more than just friends???? 

I could have been okay with just being friends back then! I could have cut off my feelings before they turned into love and wouldn’t have to deal with all this shit! 

Does it make you feel strong to have more than one person that loves you? Are you treating us all right to feel better about what you are doing? 

But soon it will all be over. Soon I will be free! The heartbroken little girl you once mistreated is gone. I’m strong now! Strong enough to know I deserve the truth!

Giving up…

why do I have to fight? why can’t I just give up like everybody else seems to do?